Finding motivation to workout is one of the most challenging things to do sometimes.  There are some days where you know you need to go out for a run or get up off the sofa and do some push-ups, but mentally you just can’t get yourself to do it. I am a huge advocate for listening to your body and resting when you need to, but there is a fine line between your body needing a break and straight-up laziness.

That’s why I’m sharing 11 ways to put you in the right mindset to crush your workout. Refer back to this list on any day when you start to consider working out, but something in the back of your mind is stopping you from getting going.

Tap into your underlying motivation

Before starting any kind of workout regimen, you must find your “why.” It’s essential to be honest with yourself when you consider the reasons behind pursuing a fitness plan. Figure out what drives you, not what you want other people to think.

Not all of us love the way it feels to be so sore we can barely walk. Many of us just enjoy the way it makes our bodies look, and that’s perfectly okay.  Your why is uniquely you, and it doesn’t need to be anything more than “I want to look great in my bathing suit this summer” or “I want to lose a few pounds.” As long as you identify the reason why you’re gearing up for a workout, reminding yourself of that reason on an especially tough day can be enough to pull you through.

My why for working out? To feel strong and capable in any situation.

Throw on a pump up jam

Music can be the best medicine to get you up and moving.  Certain songs have a way of putting pep in my step when I’m feeling low. If you don’t have a go-to song, I’ve pulled together some of my favorites.

Tay always has a way of perking me up. And her song “22” is one of those that you can’t help but sing out loud.  I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling ready for a workout.

Every song from Moana makes me want to scream-sing it at the top of my lungs. But “How Far I’ll Go” in particular gives me the reminder I need that there are no limits on my fitness goals.

Put on cute workout clothes

Feeling yourself in your workout outfit can go a long way. Wearing something you know you look good in can make you more inclined to show it off at the gym. If you don’t have a look you’re loving and can afford it, treat yourself to a new athletic bottom or top under the condition that you have to wear it twice the first week. (That means use them twice for a workout, not wear them for two days to lounge around the house.)

Pro Tip: Old Navy has surprisingly cute and durable workout clothes. Their leggings are some of the only ones I’ve found that don’t inch down on a run or intense workout.

Commit to working out for 5 minutes

Getting there and getting started is by far the most challenging part of any workout. But once you’ve made it out the door or to the gym, the likelihood of you sticking with your workout increase exponentially. Promise you’ll spend five minutes warming up. Once you get into it, you’ll likely forget you ever wanted to stop. And here’s the best part, if you give it 5 minutes and still truly feel you’d be better off on the couch, then go ahead and get back there. Stop and try again tomorrow. There’s no sense in pushing yourself if your body is genuinely telling you that rest is the right move.

Read inspirational quotes

Pinterest is a great resource for motivational workout quotes. Sometimes reading through powerful quotes about strength, resilience, and determination is enough to get you moving. Some of my favorites?

One day? Or day one. You decide.

Paul Coelho

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”

Theodore Roosevelt

Consider who you want your future self to be

One of the phrases I repeat to myself quite frequently is, “the time is going to pass either way.” I give myself this gentle reminder when I think about how I want to think, look, and feel 3 or 6 months from now.  Whether I workout today or not, the time will pass, and I’m going to be either further along, right where I am, or behind my goals. It’s empowering to know you can change the future you by what you choose to do today.

Look at pictures of someone who inspires you

It might be a celebrity, a personal trainer, a girl from high school, or even your mom.  Find someone to be your muse. In this age of social media, where it’s so easy to do, creep on them for a few on Instagram. Allow the images to be the force you need to step into your strength and crush your workout.

Find a workout buddy

We all know accountability is one of the best ways to stick to a routine.  Try to find a friend in your neighborhood to walk with or ask someone to meet you at the gym. Even having someone send a text sharing their workout can be enough motivation to get you moving too. If you’d rather work with a professional, hiring a coach can be an amazing way to hold yourself accountable.

My accountability partner reminds me to get on my yoga mat on days when I’m not feeling up to it.

Think about the example you want to set for others

If fitness is truly a priority for you (and I hope it is), what example do you want to set for those around you?  Your “why” of working out is for you, but sometimes others’ opinions can be a tremendous driving force.  What do we want to impress upon our children, co-workers, friends about our feelings towards physical fitness? Do you want to be viewed as reliable, motivated, and someone who sticks with things even when they’re tough? I know I do.


Treat yourself to a little something healthy after your workout as an incentive.  This could be an episode of your favorite show, a healthy snack, or bingeing a few posts on one of your favorite blogs. One of my favorite post-workout treats is an apple with peanut butter!

Hold Yourself Accountable With a Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer is one of the best ways to hold yourself accountable to working out. Putting a bit of money behind your goals can be an incredible way to keep you showing up week after week. And the best part is, all you need to do is show up! You won’t need to worry about your warm-up, exercise session, or cool down. A great trainer will handle all of that for you. And they might even inspire you to have a little fun while you’re getting your sweat on. Interested in working with a trainer in the Mt Pleasant, SC area? Connect with me, and let’s talk!

No matter which source of workout motivation works for you, the most important thing is that you’re getting out there and working out. It can be a struggle to get started sometimes, but it’s always worth it. Do you have a way that motivates you to work out that I haven’t listed? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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