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This corn and black bean salsa is one of my favorite snacks and is my go-to item to bring to cookouts and summer get-togethers. It uses simple ingredients and comes together in a snap. The best part, no cooking and minimal cleanup!

The Secret Ingredient

Honey* is the secret ingredient that adds a sweetness that offsets the spice and makes you keep shoveling in more. It’s easy to go overboard on sweetness, so I recommend starting with a teaspoon or two and adding more after your first taste test if needed.

If you’re not a person who loves spicy food, simply forgo the jalapeño, cumin, cayenne pepper, and chili powder. This recipe is delicious even when the spice level is toned down.

Like any of my recipes, I recommend using this as a baseline for ingredients, adding or removing parts based on what you have available. I throw in red pepper when it’s around, and I’ve made this recipe before without the tomatoes and green chiles, and it was just as good. The beauty of salsa is that it truly can stand alone with limited ingredients.

finished corn and black bean salsa

Decisions, Decisions

I most frequently eat this corn and black bean salsa with tortilla chips for a traditional appetizer. But I’ve even eaten it alone for a snack or over a salad for lunch as well. Any way you choose to enjoy it, the main goal is always to get the salsa to mouth as quickly as possible. It’s incredibly versatile while also nutritional and guaranteed to fill you up.

I’ll admit that I’ve eaten an entire bowl of this for dinner before. I made the mistake of eating in front of the tv, and the rest is history. If you do the same, trust me when I say there is no shame, and you are not alone. Enjoy!

Did you try this recipe or do you have a go-to recipe you bring to every gathering? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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