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Several years ago, my Mom and I started experimenting with homemade beauty products.  We began by making lip balm, then decided to try our luck with lotion.  The thing about homemade lotion is that generally, the ingredients you want to use are incredibly oily. So while we failed at making a hand lotion for daytime, we came up with a homemade lotion recipe that is fantastic for using on your face at night!

Homemade Lotion Recipe Ingredients (the cleaner, the better!)

There is so much out there in today’s beauty market that is toxic and harmful to our skin and bodies, so you can never be too careful. I have tried to narrow my home skincare regimen to only sources that I know and understand (with words I can pronounce). I do my best to use all organic ingredients and check reviews and sources before purchasing.  Below are the ingredients I use and the only ones you’ll need to make a great night lotion!

homemade lotion recipe ingredients
ingredients in mixer

As with all homemade beauty products, my homemade lotion recipe is only one way of many.  I had to experiment more than a few times before I found one that I liked for texture and smell. Feel free to mix it up with the ingredients. The nice thing about this recipe’s base is that it doesn’t use too much of any single component, so if you mess up and need to start a new batch, you’re not throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

homemade lotion mixed

Need to know info

  • Always store lotion in a cool, dry place. Temperatures above about 72°F will cause the cream to turn oily in the jar. Don’t fret. Melting is completely normal, just stir it and use it as usual. It’s going to turn to oil when it hits your skin anyway!
  • You only need a little bit to cover your whole face and neck.  Less is more, so start with a dime-sized dollop and add more as needed.
  • Oil stains on your pillowcase may happen. If you’re noticing oil stains on your pillowcase that won’t come out in a regular rinse cycle, try scrubbing with a bit of dish soap designed to cut through oil and grease before adding the pillowcase to the wash.
final product

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One thought on “My Clean & Easy Homemade Lotion Recipe for Night

  1. Kathryn says:

    5 stars
    As I have a strict dermatologist skin care routine, I use this on my neck and chest at night instead of my face! And I love it! Thank you so much for the awesome recipe!

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